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Professional Appliance Repair: Quality Service for Your Home Appliances

Updated: Aug 20, 2023

New Kids on the Block: Finding Appliance Repair Near You

Well...There Goes The Neighborhood

We're Well Done Home Solutions, where we strive to be the best appliance repair company in town (or at least the best one with a name that sounds like a steakhouse).

We may not have a fancy office or a fleet of company cars, but we do have a team of highly skilled technicians who can fix any appliance faster than you can say "I should have bought the extended warranty".

We like to keep things simple. There's no fancy dress code, and we don't take ourselves too seriously (except when fixing things, of course). We're just some folks who love fixing things.

We offer all kinds of appliance repair services, from dryer repair to oven repair. We're like the MacGyvers of the appliance world, except we don't need a Swiss Army Knife to fix things (although it does come in handy for cutting a pizza).

So, the next time your fridge is making a weird noise or your dishwasher is leaking water all over the floor, give us a call. We promise to fix your appliance with the same level of skill and precision as a professional surgeon (okay, maybe not that much precision, but you get the idea).

Thank you for choosing Well Done Home Solutions, the company that's not afraid to get its hands dirty (literally).

Affordable & Reliable Bradenton Household Appliance Repair by Well Done Home Solutions


If you need any appliance repair services, from washing machine repair to refrigerator repair, we're just a phone call away.

Keep it simple, keep it Well Done!

Bradenton Household Appliance Repair by the Experts at Well Done Home Solutions of Bradenton, Florida

What Should I Do Next?

If you need any appliance repairs, give us a call at 941-500-9885 or click on the Book Now link!



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